Thursday, February 19, 2015

winter inspiration...

So... if you've been hanging in the midwest lately, you know... this weather. i mean. negative eight, anyone? the worlds snowmageddon and historic snowfall are just par for the course around here... this picture is from a night drive through the city recently. Even though winter is always a little tough, it's kinda magical, too. Here are some things that are keeping the fire stoked and the inspiration burning around my soul these days...

- My favorite song from Brooke Fraser's latest, called Magical Machine.

- An amazing group of people I am honored to get to sing with called Clark Street Bridge. The amazing performances incorporate spoken word poetry, award-winning writers, music across all genres and an amazing group of musicians. Nothing keeps creativity burning like being surrounded by some of the best.

- Soul mate sister friends who I've known since I was twelve years old coming to visit Chicago. There's nothing in the world like good, dear, old friends to remind you where you've been, and to celebrate who you are.

 Absolutely everything Bethel Music is writing, speaking and singing over the church these days is so good, so needed and just hits home for me. Check out this video and this video. Their new album is called "We will not be shaken."

And the best nights are spent lighting a cozy fire and having a glass of wine with my love after our babe goes to bed. Sometimes we write songs (those nights are divine) other nights we just talk, listen to podcasts, or veg out with some netflix. Life is good, friends. 

Stay inspired, stay vibrant, and stay warm. Keep asking, seeking, living each day to the fullest and keep those soul fires burning with endless light from the true source of all that is good. To close, I'll leave you with a quote I just discovered from the brilliant John Claxton:

"Take the time to writeYou can do your life's work in half an hour a day." - Robert Hass

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